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Nokia 6212: Unlocking the Secure Element

In order to install your own Java Card Applets on to the Nokia 6212 Secure Element (SE) you will need to either talk to the TSM (Trusted Service Manager)(Venyon is the TSM for Nokia phones), OR, you can permanently unlock the SE by using Nokia’s UnlockMidlet (You will need to register to download. Registration is free).

First some warnings:

  • The unlock operation is PERMANENT, and cannot be undone.
  • After unlocking, no TSM will ever trust your secure element anymore, EVER (because you and other people now have access to the default keys).
  • If authentication fails more than 1o times in a row, the card manager will be locked, and you will not be able to install or delete any Applet to/from the SE.
  • Unlocking should only be performed if you want to use your phone for development or testing purposes.

You have been warned!

The UnlockMidlet establishes a secure (encrypted) connection between your SE and a Nokia server. The server will then communicate with your SE and set keyset 42 to the default keys (MAC/ENC/DEK = 404142434445464748494a4b4c4d4e4f), and the Mifare card emulation authentication keys (both key A and B) to FFFFFFFFFFFF.

Step by step:

  1. Download UnlockMidlet
  2. Upload to phone, using either bluetooth or micro-USB cable (in PC Suite mode)
  3. Make sure your phone is configured to use (GPRS) packet data (Settings -> Configuration -> Preferred access pt.)
  4. Start the UnlockMidlet.

At this point the unlock operation might fail due to “No Server Connection” (at least that happend to me). No matter how I configured the packet data settings, the UnlockMidlet always failed with “No Server Connection”.

However, there is another solution to unlock the SE, by using the SDK Emulator and a OmniKey Cardman 5321 reader:

  1. Download UnlockMidlet
  2. Download Nokia 6212 SDK (Requires registration. Registration is free).
  3. Get yourself a OmniKey Cardman 5321 Reader
  4. Download OnmiKey PCSC Driver, Synchronous API and Diagnostics Tool
  5. After installing the OmniKey software, run the Diagnostics Tool, and confirm that there is an ‘API’ tab listing “scardsyn.dll” (this dll is required when using this reader in the Nokia SDK).
  6. Run SDK ‘Emulator’, and in the Phone window, open the file menu and load the unlock midlet.
  7. In the Emulator window, drag and drop the cardman reader from “External Readers” to both 1: “Embedded Tag” and 2: “Embedded Smart Card”.
  8. On the Nokia 6212 phone, go to NFC settings and make sure “cards availability” is set to “always”.
  9. Place the 6212 on the OnmiKey reader, (lay it down on the reader and let it stay there until the unlock operation is completed).
  10. Proceed with the unlock operation in the midlet emulator.

Assuming the unlock operation was successful, you will now be able to install your own Java Card Applets using for example GPShell or GPJ (a pure java version).